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This company started in the 80's, when its founder, Carlos Ramírez Araya, being a young entrepreneur who just concluded his studies with emphasis in agricultural activities, and motivated by his passion for agriculture, decides to venture into the production of cassava and other tubers. This venture begins in the north of the country, in La Fortuna de San Carlos, a very rich and fertile land, located in the foothills of the majestic Arenal Volcano, surrounded by lush vegetation, rivers and mountains; combined with this, adds stability in the climate, which provokes the optimal conditions to have excellent quality agriculture.


The company dedicated itself exclusively to the production of cassava and other tubers for more than 15 years, to then make the leap and venture to the commercialization of its products at national level; activity that develops successfully, placing its production in the main supermarkets and stores of the country.



Given the acceptance, success and growth it was decided to enter export, an activity that has developed with great growth since 2007, thanks to a constant improvement in each one of the various processes, freshness in all the products, and fulfillment of the different regulations and international requirements, has been positioned in the main markets, having a presence in Europe, the United States and Canada.


Currently, Exportagri, with a vision of specialization and social responsibility, is focused on the packaging and export of its products, giving rise to alliances with more than 50 small farmers who manage to carry out their families, thanks to the advice and accompaniment provides them, in order to supply the growing demand, and maintain the quality standards necessary to always have products of excellent quality.

Our Mission: Provide fresh agricultural food to the national and international market, meeting strict international standards that guarantee high quality.


Our Vision: To be the best agricultural exporter in Costa Rica.


Our Values: Passion, excellence, quality and honesty.

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